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Rock Solid Character - Testimonials from School Staff and Students

Testimonials from School Staff and other Officials | Jump to Student Testimonials

"The program was awesome! The students were excited, and more self esteem was built in 45 minutes than I have ever seen. Climbing the rock was a great way to teach the '7 Handholds for Success.'"

Sandra Beard, 6th Grade Teacher
LaPorte ISD

"Rock Solid was by far the best character program we have ever had at our school. The students and staff are still talking about it! The presenters were positive and energetic, the message was truly powerful! The 7 Handholds for Success character traits will be recognized by the teachers and students at our school in the weeks, months, and years to come. Thank you."

Sherri Treadway, Counselor
Klein ISD

"Thank you ... Character education provides children with the knowledge and skills that they need to make sound decisions, while also establishing a sense of responsibility toward country, community, school and family. It is vitally important that children learn to respect themselves and others ... We hold the view that all students musts be treated with care and respect and that we must engender a positive school environment where students feel safe and secure."

William Modzeleski, Director
Safe and Drug-Free
United States Department of Education

"I have worked in the field of education for 19 years as a special education teacher, counselor at all levels, and a district administrator. Now, as a full-time volunteer at my children's school, I think I've seen education from all sides. I've never seen nor experienced, however, a more powerful activity than Rock Solid Character!

What a great way to help kids learn, without them even knowing that they are learning! The 7 Handholds of Success introduction, your staff's positive interactions with the students, and climbing left our students saying things like, "This was the best day of school I've ever had!"

Lois Bates-Dettman
Spicewood Elementary PTA - Austin ISD

"Our facility and students loved the personal challenge and sense of accomplishment they achieved no matter how high they climbed. We enjoyed so much the hands-on event for our students and not a passive presentation. Thanks for a fantastic experience."

Nita Fields, Counselor
Llano ISD

“Your message utilizing the seven handholds for success perfectly complemented our mission to equip students to make healthy choices in life. The hands on experience you provided for our students will be a reminder in the future of the character traits they can rely on to persevere through life’s struggles…. It is evident you have a background in education as your lesson was perfectly timed to maintain the students’ attention. Thank you for a memorable day!”

Helen Reese, R.N.
Cuero ISD

“On the day of the rock climbing experience, I was dealing with a sixth grade boy who was given a discipline referral the previous day for threatening a student. As we visited about the incident, he expressed regret for what he had done. He continued by saying that today he had learned about character. I asked him to tell me about character. He said that character is what a person does; it is a person’s actions.

When I asked him where he learned about character, he said that he had participated in the rock climbing experience earlier in the day and that he had learned about character there. It was exciting to see this student take responsibility for his actions and to have taken the lesson about character to heart.”

Becky Burghardt
Assistant Principal- Oakwood Intermediate School

“I just wanted to let you know what an impact your Rock Solid Character presentation had on my daughter who is five years old. Congratulations on a job well done and thanks a million for helping our kids!”

Kelly Schimcek
Teacher – Gonzales ISD

"Rock Solid Character was a huge success for the students of E.J. Moss Intermediate School. It provided them the opportunity to demonstrate achieving success through effort."

Lindale ISD
Lindale, TX

Testimonials from Students

"You’re the best! I have never rock climbed before, but I'm glad you came. It took courage, cooperation and perseverance. The talk you gave us changed the way I live."


“I had never had the courage to go rock climbing, but after your group talked about courage, I was willing to try. I climbed my hardest and tried my best and made it on my first try! Thank you for coming to our school and teaching us to do our best at everything.”

Chloe Gibson

“The rock wall was awesome! I may not have made it to the top but thanks for helping me start. I’m absolutely terrified of heights but it was sooooooooo much fun!”

Kayla Van Wagner

“Your lesson about climbing to the top with character really had me thinking about the things I should do to keep my life going forward and not down the drain. And the lesson plan was fun, and it was exactly like life. You have your ups and downs and sometimes you don’t know what rock to put your foot on or when you were down, someone helped you up.”

Beverly Alspunky

“I thought that you guys did a great job by mixing life and rock climbing together. I really enjoyed the rock climbing. I believe that everyone else did and I hope to do it again someday!”

{-- Kayla even sent us more comments in the form of a poem --}

“Thanks for coming to our school
The things you said were so cool!
Thanks for all the helpful tips
Now I’m getting better grips!

At home, school, or wherever
Character counts always and forever.

Thanks for helping me at the start
Thanks to you I conquered the first part!”

Kayla Van Wagner

“I had a lot of fun. Most of all you taught us a lot about character and the best thing was that we had fun doing it. I’m hoping you will come back next year.”

Kevin Mathison

“You gave our class a chance to have fun and learn about character all at one time. It kind of made most of my class think about life and how there is going to be some struggles and challenges. For opening up our eyes, Thank You!”


“It was very interesting how you mixed the hardships of life with rock climbing. Thank you SO much for the unforgettable experience!.”

Isabell Gallegos

“I had a lot of fun climbing the wall, even though I only made it half way. I never went rock climbing before, so it was a good and fun experience.”

Lena Winnubst

“On the rock wall, I thought I couldn’t make it to the top, but I used perseverance and it made me strong. My school never gets fun stuff like that, and it was a lot of fun. I hope the 6th graders next year enjoy you guys when and if you come.”

Kendall Wood

“I hope you will come to my school next year. I think that you guys are really cool because you go out to all these just for us students. I wish I could do that all over again. Keep doing what you do.”

Gavin J



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